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Sunday, May 15, 2011

June Stick pin swap

Here we go again with another swap I have decided to enter over on the CMB!   
The June stick pin swap. The challenges were as follows:
Use some unique bead caps....not just plain ones....there is shaped ones, long ones and so on....
Place some type of flower on aleast one pin in each can be a charm, bead or whatever as long as its a flower
Have a hanging charm from one of your pins....
Make a stick pin with something other than beads...."no beads"...use your imagination
Make a stick pin that sparkles....

So as you can see we had quite a few challenges this month, and after playing around for awhile...this is what I came up with. It all started with the Flower challenge and the one that said "no beads"...hmmmmmm, well this got my wheels turning and I decided to alter some Prima flowers and try to make a sunflower. I took 4 yellow Prima flowers and stacked them together, then inked the edges with an antique brown. I then had to make the center of the sunflower so I cut a small circle from brown cardstock and glittered it with copper Glitter...then I also glittered the head pin with the same copper glitter. (well this one pin basically serves as my sparkly pin and my flower pin....not to mention the no bead one)  So this was the inspiration that I used to make the rest of the pins. I wanted them to all be gold and copper....and since I didn't have any Gold beads.....I used the same antique brown ink and I inked all the white pearls and they came out this pretty Gold color. I also inked the charms to give them an antique copper finish. I then used a hanging flower charm on one to serve as another flower pin and a dangle charm. The fourth one over from the left is my pin with the unusual bad cap.....not sure how well it is showing up in the pic.  Now all thats left is to decide what I am going to make for the presentation card for each set. What you see above is ONE set of pins. we were to make five sets of five. I'll post pics after I decide how I am going to present and package them.


Barb Parker said...

Theresa, your stick pins are gorgeous ! I also love your TH dressform tags ~ WOW what a lot of work and creativity went into those. I will be looking at your blog a lot more often !

liz_y_jose said...

These are gorgeous!!! I really think you should make me some... tehehe