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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 1 of my Scraproom Renovation

Okay so last night my hubby helped me pack up my entire scraproom and move all the boxes into the living room! We then pushed all my furniture in the scraproom to the center of the room. Now time to begin..............Just finished scrubbing walls and about to patch a few small holes where I had pictures previously hung and then we will begin priming the walls for paint! Woohoo! Will take pics and post this evening! Stay Tuned!

Okay so here is a few pics I took of my hubby painting the walls in my room.......I picked out a beautiful caramel color for the walls, and as you can see it is drying pretty dark......but so far I like it! We finished painting all the walls, doors & trim this evening and now we are literally waiting for the paint to dry! ha ha
Gonna start staging the room in the morning and placing all the furniture so I can begin the long process of unpacking all my boxes and re-setting the room back up! Will post again tomarrow!


Carolyn/MamaC said...

Oh, wow! This is going to be fun! I look forward to seeing progress each day! Congrats on getting a craft room Make-Over!

Kim said...

Looking good! The color looks good. Can't wait to see everything back in there. Waiting patiently!!