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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 2 ....... Sneak Peek!

Been working in my scraproom all day today trying to get it set back up and let me tell has been a long and tedious process! UGH! We are only about half way through all the boxes but it's coming along nicely! Here is a sneak Peek of my Newly decorated room with some of my treasures! I found this lamp at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it! I have some really pretty black trim with tiny roses that I plan on gluing around the edge of the shade as soon as I get done unpacking! Also found the pretty little frame at HL.......I still need to find a pic to put in it though! (it still says Hobby Lobby on it! ha ha) Also my wire dress form I hang my handmade charms from swaps on! And then the other little dress form I found at J's I am using for a pin cushion. The tea cup pin cushion was made for me by my friend Kim Wylie aka CoyoteKim.....which I dearly love! And also my beautiful altered box I received from Pamela Osterday in a swap!

And last but not least is my gorgeous letter "T" that Kim Wylie also made for me..........I finally got it hung on my wall! As you can see from the pics I absolutely cherish all the wonderful gifts I receive from my crafty friends and I am so excited to be redecorating my room with all my treasures! Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks.....I will post more tomarrow! Stay tuned!


Kim said...

Love the lamp! The Black and white looks so good with the new wall color. Alright, we need more pics!!